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Navajo County Animal Care and Control
Skunks and Other Pests

Navajo County Animal Control does not respond to calls about skunks or other pests in homes, under homes, or on property. There are Pest Control businesses throughout the County that specialize in removing these pests. Here is a list of pest control companies that we have contacted that do handle these types of problems. Check with them for their fees.

Pest Management Businesses

Arizona Classic

400 E Mills
Showlow, AZ 85901

(928) 537-3747

County wide, price varies by job

Bug Snuffers

140 E Deuce of Clubs
Showlow, AZ 85901

(928) 537-1394

County wide, price varies by job

Critter Ridders (Steve Gouker)

Lakeside, AZ 85929

(928) 521-5151
(928) 367-8804

Coverage area varies by job as does price, part time basis

Cross Exterminating

1697 W White Mountain Blvd
Lakeside, AZ 85929

(928) 537-6419

South county area only, price varies by job

Neff Exterminating

94 Vista Dr.
Taylor, AZ 85939

(928) 536-6862

County wide, price varies by job

Saline Pest Management

(928) 536-6818

County wide, price varies by job

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