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Navajo County Board of Supervisors
District V

District V Supervisor
Dawnafe Whitesinger

Supervisor Dawnafe Whitesinger represents District V on the Navajo County Board of Supervisors – currently serving as Board Chair. Supervisor Whitesinger is the first White Mountain Apache to serve on the Board of Supervisors and the first woman to serve as Chair. As a member of the White Mountain Apache Tribe, she grew up on the Fort Apache Reservation and currently lives in the Pinetop-Lakeside area.

Supervisor Whitesinger has a strong love of her community, and has spent the majority of her life working in the field of education to better the lives of children and their families. Supervisor Whitesinger holds a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Arizona State University, and a Master of Arts in Curriculum Development from the University of Michigan.

Following the completion of her Master’s degree, Ms. Whitesinger started as the Curriculum Specialist for the Dishchii’bikoh (Cibecue) Community School, and now serves as the Director of Instruction Programs for that organization. She has been dedicated to the service of her community and the students of Cibecue for 11 years. In addition to her other responsibilities, Ms. Whitesinger has served as the Chairperson of the school’s Leadership Team and has been a strong advocate for students and community growth.

Through Supervisor Whitesinger’s years of experience she has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about the community and how her leadership can better serve not only students, but the community as a whole. She currently serves as the Vice-Chairperson of the First Things First White Mountain Apache Regional Partnership Council and as Chair of the Sunrise Park Resort Board of Directors.

Supervisor Whitesinger is married to M. Shane Baca, and have two wonderful boys, Dylan and Sirus.

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