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Navajo County Public Health Services
Home Visitation Coordination

This program assists with the collaboration, communication, and capacity building of home visitation agencies in Navajo County. This is done through:

  • Home Visitation Coalition Meetings: develop an agreement for referrals amongst agencies, an agreement to reduce duplication of services, and increase communication amongst agencies.
  • Social Marketing building the report of home visitation and promote local home visiting programs.
  • Locate resources and keep an updated resource list.
  • Organize and offer local training opportunities to increase professional development for home visitors.
  • Establish methods for client feedback to ensure they are receiving needed and desired programs.

Home Visitation Coordination Offers To:

  • Facilitate the home visiting coalition
  • Organize local training opportunities for home visitors and the community
  • Market for home visitation programs in Navajo County
  • Increase communication, referrals, and eliminate duplication of services for home visitation agencies
  • Locate resources for children and families 0-5 and keep a current resource guide

For more information please contact Program Manager:
Amy Stradling (928) 524-4750

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