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The trainings are based on four (4) curriculums/resources:

  1) Arizona Department of Health Services Empower Pack Program

AZ Department of Health Services Empower Pack training is an opportunity for child care providers. The program staff will be trained to utilize the Empower Pack guidelines and tools so that child care providers, agencies, and homes can easily incorporate this program into the everyday routine of child care to instill healthy life choices.

  2) The Nutritious and Healthy Story Time

The Nutritious and Healthy Story Time (NHST) training is a family nutrition literacy program that will encourage child care providers/parents to read to the children at the centers/home and teaches positive health and nutrition messages to parents and children. The program staff will emphasize on making nutrition education fun and interesting for young children, child care providers and parents.

  3) The SPARK Program

The SPARK Program SPARK training will focus on the Early Childhood staff development to train the child care provider/parents on age-appropriate activities that motivate and encourage young children to be physically active. The trainings are targeted for the needs of that particular audience (based on needs assessments) and are designed to provide each attendee with a working knowledge of SPARK’s unique content and instructional strategies.

  4) Color Me Healthy

Color Me Healthy Color Me Healthy (CMH) is a practice-tested intervention designed to improve fruit and vegetable intake and increase physical activity among 4 and 5 year old children in child care and home settings by increased exposure to nutrition education and opportunities for physical activity. The CMH intervention primarily addresses the individual and interpersonal levels of the socio-ecologic model.

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