Navajo County

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Navajo County Recorder
Document Fee Schedule

ALL INSTRUMENTS unless otherwise specified (A.R.S. 11-475) $10.00
Requirements for Recording:
A.R.S. 11-480

Each instrument shall have a print size no smaller than ten point type.

Each instrument shall be no larger than eight and one-half inches in width and no longer than fourteen inches.

Each instrument shall have at least one-half inch margin across the bottom. The first page shall have a top margin of at least two inches of vertical space from left to right and shall be reserved for recordation and return address information.

Additional Charges

Each additional page over 5 pages

Maximum charge with additional pages $250.00

Extra docket and page or fee number listed


Disclosure of Beneficiary


Multiple transactions in title


AFFIDAVIT OF VALUE: If required on conveyance of property.

If Exempt, number of exemption must appear on face of conveyance.

Government Agencies $8.00

Each Additional page over 5

Military Discharge (A.R.S. 11-465) No Charge
UCC Filing  

UCC-1 Financing Statement


With real property of assignee


With assignee and property


UCC-2 Financing Statement Change

Continuation, assignment or amendment




UCC-3 Request for information, for each name searched


For each recording number reported


Copies requested per page

Affadavit of Performance of Annual Labor $15.00
Surveys and Plats, first sheet $24.00

For each sheet after the first


Government Agencies, first sheet


For each sheet after the first

Copies of Records (per page) $1.00

Certification of Copies


State Agencies


Certification of Copies

Copies of Maps 18" x 24" $5.00

State Agencies Copy of Map 18" x 24"


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