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Navajo County Superior Courts
PreTrial Services

Court System

As a neutral agency, Pretrial Services interviews, investigates, and verifies information on arrestees. A written report and recommendation is prepared for the court regarding whether a defendant should or should not be released.

Prosecution & Defense

Pretrial Services' reports provide valuable background information regarding the defendant to the prosecution and defense which is used by these attorneys when arguing conditions of release.

Navajo County Jail

Pretrial Services ensures that the jail's limited space is used efectively.


Pretrial Services helps to ensure that each defendant receives fair consideration in the determination of release conditions.


Pretrial Services serves the community by identifying those arrestees ho would represent a potential danger if released. In addition, pretrial services monitors released defendants to ensure compliance with their release conditions.


Pretrial Services notifies victims of upcoming release hearing and includes their views in reports to the court.

Law Enforcement

Pretrial Services works closely with law enforcement agencies to help ensure the safety of the public.

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