Notice of Valuation

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Navajo County Assessor
Real Property Notice of Valuation
Mailing Date: Between January 1st and March 1st of Each Year

The Full Cash Value (FCV) is the value set by statute. If no statutory formula is prescribed, Full Cash Value is synonymous with market value; which is the estimate of value developed annually by using standard appraisal methods and techniques. The FCV will not be used to calculate primary or secondary taxes starting in Tax Year 2015.

Beginning with the 2015 Tax Year, the Limited Property Value (LPV) is the basis for calculating all property taxes. The LPV is determined by a statutory formula which limits the amount by which it can increase each year. The LPV can equal but cannot exceed the FCV. 

The assessed value divided by 100 multiplied by the tax rate (set in August of each year) determines property taxes billed in September.

The legal class is based on your use of the property.

Use of Property
 1  18%  Commercial and/or industrial
 2  15%  Vacant land and all property not included in other legal classes
 3  10%  Property used for Primary residential purposes including that which is rented for not more than 3 of the preceding 12 months and property rented to a family member
 0401  10%  Non-primary residence
 0402  10%  Leased or rented property used for residential purposes

If two or more legal class definitions apply to a single property, a combined assessment ratio will be printed on the front of this notice and an “M” (mixed use) will appear in the class column. The legal description on the face of this notice may be incomplete due to space limitation. Please notify your assessor of any address changes.


If you feel that your real property has been improperly valued or erroneously listed, you may petition the assessor for review within 60 days of the NOTICE DATE on the front of the card. A “Petition for Review of Valuation” can be obtained from the Assessor’s office.

Completed petitions for review must be filed with the Assessor’s office by the APPEAL DEADLINE DATE printed on the front of the notice.