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District I

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District I Supervisor
Lee Jack, Sr.-
District I Supervisor

Supervisor Lee Jack, Sr., was elected to the Board of Supervisors in November 2016.  Supervisor Jack represents Navajo County District I, which includes all, or portions of, the communities of Shonto, Kayenta, Chilchinbeto, Forest Lake, Black Mesa, Piñon, Low Mountain, Blue Gap/Tachee, Whippoorwill Springs, Whitecone, Greasewood Springs, Indian Wells, Oljato, Navajo Mountain, Inscription House, and Sun Valley.

  It’s really been an honor serving on the Navajo County Board of Supervisors for the last three years representing District I.  The job has been very challenging and exciting at the same time.  The Board I serve with has been very supportive of each other and united, and we also have an outstanding staff that supports us which makes our job easier.   

Most of District I which I serve is on the Navajo Nation in a very rural setting where the communities are still lacking basic infrastructure.  I do my best to help them address some of these issues from the Navajo County side through partnerships with the Tribe and Bureau of Indian Affairs.  A lot of the travel roads are dirt roads, and most of them are school bus routes.  I am praying that one of these days, these roads will be taken care of.

Before this honorable job, I served on the Navajo Nation Council for 16 years.  It was such a blessing and honor to serve my people.







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