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How long does it typically take to collect a check and return my money?
The length of time varies. A good average is 45 days.
Why is the Navajo County Attorney’s Office placing so much emphasis on bad check collection?
This is a prevalent crime that our office takes very seriously, and we want to offer a way for local businesses and citizens to recover lost monies quickly and at the least possible cost.
Does your program really work?
Yes. We have collected well over a million dollars for victims of bad checks. The Navajo County Attorney’s Office refers to this as its “free and easy check collection service.” You benefit from the authority of our office.
Is the program firm but courteous?
Yes. There is a fine balance between collecting your money and irritating your customers. Only when a bad check writer shows an active resistance to collection efforts will firm and determined collection action be taken. Bad check writers are given ample courteous
opportunities to pay what they owe.
If I try the Bad Check Program, am I locked into a long-term agreement?
Not at all. You may stop using us at any time.
Must my business adhere to any special check acceptance policy?
No. But it is very helpful to us if a driver’s license number and phone number are on the front of each accepted check.
How do I sign up?

Contact Gail DeCross, Director of the Bad Check Program. You can reach her by calling (928) 532-6033 or (928) 524-4368. Her mailing address is

P.O. Box 668
Holbrook, AZ 86025.

Or you can e-mail her using the Comment Form.