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Victim Compensation is a program to relieve crime victims of some of the financial stress they experience when victimized. The State of Arizona collects fines from convicted felons to fund the Victim Compensation program. The Navajo County Victim Compensation Board, composed of five local volunteers, reviews submitted claims and disburses available funds to victims who are eligible under the State Program rules.


The Victim Compensation Program can cover crime-related expenses for: The Victim Compensation Program cannot cover:
  • Medical costs 
  • Mental health counseling (including traditional healing)
  • Funeral costs (up to $10,000.00)
  • Wage loss
  • Crime scene clean-up (up to $2,000.00)
  • Travel to and from medical, counseling, and court appointments (up to $2000.00)
  • Attorney’s fees
  • Property loss or repair
  • Pain and suffering
  • Victimization of a person who is presently incarcerated


Additional Victims Compensation Resources

For further information, specific questions, or to request meeting minutes contact Jenny Oldham, Compensation Claims Investigator, at (928) 524-4332, or my email.


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The Victim Compensation Program is a payer of last resort and is not a guaranteed payment source, as funds are very limited.