Keynote: Stacey Gagnon- ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences)...What Now?

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Who is Stacey?  

Stacey Gagnon is a foster mom, adoptive mom, blogger, educator, published children’s book author, registered nurse, and an international speaker. She is the creator and Director of Trauma Lens Care (TLC) where she provides training on trauma-informed practices, substance abuse, and ACEs in schools, jails, and public forums. TLC was created as a way for first responders to communicate with schools when families are involved with the police.

Stacey and her husband Darren founded Lost Sparrows, Inc. in 2016 to alleviate the flow of children into orphanages in Eastern Europe. She has traveled across the US and Europe speaking and training on the effects of trauma on children and family.

ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences)...What Now?

The Adverse Childhood Experience study revealed so much incredible information about how our early experiences shape our adult lives. This class takes the science found within the ACE study and helps explain what the data tells us and how best to support those with high ACEs.

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