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Current Restrictions = None

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions are currently in effect. 

STAGE I – Minimal Restrictions

The following acts are prohibited until further notice:

  • Building, maintaining, attending, or using a fire or campfire unless noted in the exemptions below.
  • Smoking outside of designated areas.
  • Use of any and all consumer fireworks.
  • Use of explosive targets.
  • Use of tracer round ammunition.

Note:for the smoking provision, each agency/tribe must cite their actual regulations/laws; therefore, the wording for the prohibition may be slightly different.


  • Persons obtaining a written “Special Use Permit” from the “Authority Having Jurisdiction” that specifically authorizes the otherwise prohibited act.
  • Fires used only for the cooking of food or for providing warmth for human beings or for recreational purposes (campfires and charcoal fires) in an area that is designated for that purpose and is barren or cleared of all debris for 3 feet in diameter around the device. Permissible items include propane fire rings, pellet stoves/smokers/grills that have UL or FM approval and are a contained unit. A person of appropriate age must maintain a presence at all times when in operation.
  • Smoking within enclosed buildings and inside vehicles is allowed. Smoking may also be allowed in or on porches, carports, garages, parking lots and other areas or properties which are cleared of all combustible materials so long as the smoking does not create a substantial risk of fire and all smoking materials are properly extinguished and disposed of. At no time is it allowed to discard lit cigarettes, cigars, or other smoking materials from a vehicle, or from ones’ possession in a public place. ARS 13-1603.a.1
  • Persons using a device solely fueled by liquid petroleum or LPG fuels that can be turned on and off.Such devices with UL and/or FM approval can only be used in an area that is barren or cleared of all overhead and surrounding flammable materials within 3 feet of the device. A person of appropriate age must always maintain a presence with the device when in operation.
  • Persons conducting activities in those designated areas where the activity is specifically authorized by written posted notice.
  • Emergency repair of public utilities and railroads as per attached conditions.
  • Any Federal, State, or local officer or member of an organized rescue or firefighting force in the performance of an official duty.
  • All land within a city boundary is exempted unless otherwise stated by city ordinance.
  • Other exemptions unique to each “Authority Having Jurisdiction”.

An exemption does not absolve an individual or organization from liability or responsibility for any fire started by the exempted activity. A person who commits an act in violation of this chapter that results in an appropriate emergency response or investigation and who is convicted of the violation may be liable for the expenses that are incurred incident to the emergency response and the investigation of the commission of the offense in accordance with Arizona Revised Statute 13-1709; Emergency response and investigation costs; civil liability.

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