PSPRS Pension Funding Policy

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This pension funding policy is done in accordance of ARS § 38-386.01. The following terms used throughout this policy are defined as:

Unfunded Actuarial Accrued Liability (UAAL) – Is the difference between trust assets and the estimated future cost of pensions earned by employees.

Annual Required Contribution (ARC) – Is the annual amount required to pay into the pension funds, as determined through annual actuarial valuations. It is comprised of two primary components: normal pension cost – which is the estimated cost of pension benefits earned by employees in the current year; and, amortization of UAAL – which is the cost needed to cover the unfunded portion of pensions earned by employees in previous years. The UAAL is collected over a period of time referred to as the amortization period. The ARC is a percentage of the current payroll.

Funded Ratio – Is a ratio of fund assets to actuarial accrued liability.