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Navajo County constables provide the public with a service of process issued through the Justice Courts. Processes offered include orders of protection, summons, subpoenas and writs of the court such as evictions and property seizures.  The constable attends both civil and criminal justice courts hearings as well as provides security for justice courts.



Precinct Constable Name
Holbrook - Precinct 1 Constable Phyllis Romo
Winslow - Precinct 2 Constable Suzanne Smith
Snowflake - Precinct 3 Constable Michelle Hunt
Kayenta - Precinct 4 Constable Elizabeth Whitehorne-Benally
Show Low - Precinct 5 Constable John Roy
Pinetop/Lakeside - Precinct 6 Constable Greg Sharp

Note: If your papers were issued by a Superior Court please visit the Navajo County Sheriff's Office Civil Process Services page.



Minimum fees set by state law A.R.S. 11-445 and County ordinance.  First six (6) miles include in fee shown.  Add $2.40 per mile if one-way travel exceeds six (6) miles and/or for each additional trip.

Make money orders payable to 'Constable'.  No cash, please.

Service Fee
Civil Arrest Warrant
Order to bring judgment-debtor to court
Civil Subpoena
Order for witness to testify at civil trial
Civil Summons
Add $24.00 for each additional defendant at same address
Criminal Subpoena or Summons
Order for witness to testify at criminal trial
No fee
Harassment Injunction
No fee if dating relationship
Order of Protection No fee
Skip Trace
Search records at post office, utility companies, court, etc.
Special Detainer Summons
Summon tenant to eviction trial; additional defendant add $32.00
Supplemental Proceeding
Summon judgment-debtor to disclose assets
Writ of Attachment
Seize property pre-judgment
Writ of Execution
Seize property post-judgment
Write of Garnishment
Seize wages or bank account
Writ of Replevin
Seize property pre-judgment (usually rent-to-own)
Writ of Restitution
Remove tenant from real property