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The building information page provides contact information to Navajo County staff, information for local engineers and land surveyors, and for local mobile home setters. See below for a list of frequently asked questions relating to building information.

Building Code Information:

Environmental Quality Information:

  1. Kitchen Sink Wastewater Disposal 

Same Day Inspection are Limited to Emergencies Only.


1. Are storage buildings and sheds allowed on vacant land?

. Navajo County does not allow a storage shed or building to be placed or constructed on vacant land before the primary dwelling. Once construction documents are submitted and a building permit is opened, only then can a storage shed be permitted. 

2. Can I drop power to my vacant piece of property?

. Electric power on vacant property is only permitted with the submittal of a valid primary dwelling and septic permit beforehand. Power cannot be supplied to a property before these are satisfied with Navajo County. 

3. Do I need a septic or sewage installed prior to obtaining my building permit?

We require that the sewage system be available before construction begins. In the case of a community sewer system, a release from the operating company is required to authorize the hook-up before the construction of the building. In the case of a septic system, a soils test in the desired area for the system is required. Additionally, the system must be installed and inspected in order to be ready for hook-up once the building is complete. In certain cases, installation may be delayed due to inevitable circumstances. Navajo County will work with the contractor or homeowner in these special situations. 

4. Are portable sheds (e.g. Graceland, Weatherking, etc.) allowed as livable structures?

. Portable sheds are not permitted as livable structures in Navajo County. Portable sheds do not meet the criteria for the International Building Code. Additionally, Navajo County does not permit any utilities to portable sheds (e.g. electric, water, gas, etc.). 

5. When do I need a building permit?
  • If the remodeling or construction value of the project is estimated more than $1000 for the labor and materials, then a building permit is required.
  • Any shed or structure that is greater than 200 square feet requires a building permit.
  • If a storage shed is equal to or under to 200 square feet, no permit is required. Placement of small sheds under this 200 sq ft must be in the rear of the property, 5 feet from any other structure, 10 ft from the septic system, and in conformance of the respective setbacks.
  • Any accessory buildings including wellhouses, sheds, and portable buildings that have any Electric, Plumbing, or any utilities regardless of size would need a Building Permit and meet Navajo County Addenda and Additions requirements.
  • See pg 8 of the Navajo County Addenda and Additions for additional information.


6. Do I need a permit to install or place a Manufactured/Mobile home on my property?

Yes. A manufactured home permit is required for placement of a mobile home. Navajo County has the delegation from the State Office of Manufactured Housing to issue permits for the installation of the suitable types. Older mobile homes, built prior to June 15, 1976 must be brought up to current code and safety requirements of the state. Also known as Rehabilitated Mobile Homes in our Zoning Ordinance, local private inspectors can approve the upgraded work and apply a tag to the mobile home. As far as the installation, Navajo County will verify and inspect setbacks, blocking, utility connections, and overall lot coverage for the property. The permit fee is $102.00 and includes any porches, decks, cabanas, that come with the dealer installation. If any additional items are added in the future, a separate permit is required for the addition and other stipulations could be requested. 

7. Can I build my own house?

Yes. You are allowed to build your own house given that all federal, state, and local building codes and requirements are followed and routine inspections are conducted. A set of construction documents is required once you apply for the building permit. Subcontractors are preferred for specialty work such as concrete, electrical, plumbing, etc.

8. How long does it take to secure a building, manufactured, or septic permit?


After we have the complete submittal and all pertinent information, application review is dependent upon many factors, but staff will work to get your permit reviewed and issued in a timely manner. Money orders, cashiers checks, and personal checks are needed for the payment. No cash is accepted for permits. Checks that are returned as insufficient funds will have the work STOP ORDERED until the payment is made up, including a $25.00 invalid check fee. One invalid check and the affiliated person, firm, company, etc. will be required to submit future payments by money order or cashiers check.