Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How can I find my property information?
    • The Navajo County website has a link to an online interactive map that gives you detailed information of your parcel. Click below for a link to the interactive map:
    • Click the red New Search tab on the left hand side of the screen to insert a parcel number or registered street address. Click your parcel that will be highlighted for more information.
  • What is my zoning? What can I do with my property?
    • You may check your zoning category via the aforementioned Property Info Map Search. Once you click your parcel, your zoning will appear under the zoning tab. If it is 'unspecified' or 'municipal' and you have reason to believe that is incorrect, don't hesitate to give us a call. See below for more information on county recognized zoning articles:
  • What restrictions do I have?
    • County zoning regulations will be listed under your zoning category within the sections of regulations for the article (uses, setbacks, lot coverage, etc). Additionally, you may have CC&R's or deed restrictions if you belong to a Subdivision, Property Owners Association, or Home Owners Association. The County does not interpret or enforce private Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions. 
  • Who is my District Supervisor?
    • Please see the link below to the current Board of Supervisors list: 
    • If you do not know which district you are located in:
      • Visit the Property Info Map Search and insert your parcel number or address.
      • Under the same new search red tab select the drop down support layers menu and select BOS Districts. 
      • Click the next to the drop-down menu to display the legend, and zoom out to display the districts.
  • How can I check if my parcel is within County or Municipal jurisdiction?
    • Under the Property Information Map Search:
      • Click the new search red tab and select the Cities layer checkbox. Insert your parcel number or address.
      • If your property is within the yellow overlay, you are within the nearest municipal boundary, if not - you are within the unincorporated area of Navajo County.
  • Does my property allow for animals/horses?
    • The Navajo County Zoning Ordinance does allow for the keeping of horses under Articles 3, 9, and 11 (A-General, R1-43, and R1-10). Please visit the respective articles to adhere to intensity regulations for corrals and sizes under Zoning Ordinance & Forms.
  • Is my road maintained by the County?
  • Can I live in my RV while I build my primary dwelling?
    • You may apply for a Temporary RV permit only after securing a Building Permit or Mobile Home permit for your primary dwelling. Temporary RV permits are good for up to one (1) year. 


*Please reference Section 2516 of the Navajo County Zoning Ordinance for more information.*

  • What is a Code Violation?
    • Recreational Vehicle (one time use for > 30 consecutive days within the same calendar year) or primitive camping on vacant property.
    • Failed or overflowing septic systems.
    • Inoperable, disabled, or abandoned vehicles.
    • Light pollution in excess of Navajo County Lighting Ordinance or A.R.S. 49-1102.
    • Grading more than fifty (50) cubic yards per year & not complying with the Navajo County Drainage Ordinance. 
    • Fire and/or health hazards.
    • Piles of trash and garbage. 
  • What is not a Code Violation?
    • Ugly or unattractive automobiles, trucks, and recreational vehicles in the rear yard.
    • Nuisances and/or noisy activities.
    • Violation of CC&R's (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions) and/or Deed Restrictions.
    • Weeds in the ditch - along the right of way.
    • Legally parked vehicles along public right of way.