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The ability to provide leadership to sustain the vision of Navajo County Public Health Services District with the focus on health promotion and prevention to conquer current and future public challenges in developing a healthy lifestyle and quality of life for the community.


 Navajo County Public Health Services District launches new community dashboard, addressing the Community Health Improvement Plan priorities.

Health is vital to the success of our residents and our community. The success of our economy depends on healthy, energetic workers. The success of our schools depends on healthy, well-fed children who are ready to learn. The success of our families depends on the physical and emotional health of every family member. But health does not begin in the doctor's office: it begins with the food we eat; how active we are, taking time for self-care and educating ourselves about the risks our community faces; and lastly getting involved, being a part of the solution.

Overall our community faces dire health challenges that are cutting the lives of our residents short.  Challenges in poverty, chronic disease, addiction, emotional health, and reproductive health are making all of us sicker. Poor health is impacting the entire county.

Improving health is a community-wide effort, and we must come together to solve these complex issues. We want to foster new partnerships and strengthen existing ones that improve health for everyone: tribal and non-tribal residents, across religious beliefs, and across neighborhoods.

We, the people of Navajo County, can all work toward a shared goal of improved health for ourselves, our families, our friends and our neighbors.  




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