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The American Dental Association recommends brushing 2 times a day and flossing once a day to maintain healthy teeth and gums!


Did you know?

Germs + Sugar = Tooth Decay

Germs Cause Tooth Decay.

Tooth decay is an infection. Germs and sugary food left in your child’s mouth can eat holes in the teeth called cavities.

Don’t Share Germs.

You pass germs on to your child when you share food, forks, spoons, straws, toothbrushes or pacifiers.

Limit Sugar.

Sugar is in many foods. Limit sweets (candy, cookies, pudding, etc.), snack foods (chips and french fries), and sweet drinks (soda, fruit punch, sports drinks).


Brush your child’s teeth with a soft toothbrush twice a day to remove germs and food. You can start using a pea-size drop of fluoride toothpaste when your child is two years old.

Go to the Dentist.

Your child needs a dental visit by age one and every year after that. Starting dental visits early can prevent costly dental care later. If your child is on the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) or KidsCare, dental visits are covered.

Use a Cup Instead of a Bottle.

Your child should drink from a cup at age one. The best drinks for your child are:

  • Water with fluoride
  • Milk
  • Small amounts of 100% fruit juice (1/2 cup to 2/3 cup per day)

Check Your Child’s Teeth and Gums.

Look at your child’s teeth and gums at least once a month. Healthy teeth should be all one color. Take your child to the dentist if you see white or brown spots or stains on the teeth.

Give Your Child Water with Fluoride.

Ask a dentist or doctor if your tap water has fluoride. If you buy bottled water, check the label for fluoride. Fluoride is a safe and easy way to protect teeth from decay. It also helps heal early decay.

Give Your Child Healthy Meals and Snacks.

Give your child three healthy meals a day.
    Source: Arizona Department of Health Services - Office of Oral Health


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Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and avoid foods and drinks with lots of sugar.