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Mission Statement

The mission of the Navajo County Detention Center is to provide for community safety, facility security and the welfare of staff and inmates. Facility operations comply with the standards for local detention facilities set forth by the National Sheriff’s Association, the American Correctional Association and the National Commission on Correctional Health Care.

The primary function of the detention center is to safely and securely detain both pre-trial detainees and county sentenced inmates. However, staff members understand that inmates are subject to deprivations resulting merely from confinement and that their role is not to inflict punishment, but to make the inmate’s period of confinement as productive as possible.

Although most Navajo County Detention Center inmates are short term detainees, staff members encourage each inmate to take advantage of opportunities provided for educational, health and personal self-improvement. In this way, staff members contribute to making the inmate’s return to the community as a positive and productive as possible. This goal can be realized only through the concerted efforts of all staff members. Navajo County Detention Center strives to ensure that no inmate shall leave the Detention Center in worse physical or mental condition than when he was admitted.

The effective operation of the Detention Center is dependent on a highly motivated, well trained staff who continually strive to improve both their individual job performances and their areas of responsibility. To encourage professional growth, staff members are provided with training within the department and are given opportunities to attend outside training.

To facilitate the effective operation of the Detention Center, staff members are encouraged to actively contribute to the management decisions through regular meeting designed for problem solving of the Detention Center.