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Sex Offender Information

The Navajo County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for registering sex offenders who reside in Navajo County.

Pursuant to the Arizona Revised Statute any person who has been convicted of certain sex offenses is required to register, within 72 hours, with the Sheriff of the county they reside in after their release or after moving to a new location. Please refer to A.R.S. 13-3821 for specific offenses.

Pursuant to A.R.S. 13-3826, a committee was established to formulate and adopt community notification guidelines. The committee is compromised of: The State Attorney General, State Legislature, and Representative from County Sheriff’s Departments, Chiefs of Police, County Attorney’s, Adult Probation Officers, Adult Parole Administrators, The Department of Public Safety Director, The Department of Transportation Director, and a Licensed Psychologist Examiner. The community notification guidelines implemented shall provide for levels of notification based on the risk that a particular sex offender poses to the community.

Beginning June 1, 1996, any person who was convicted of certain sex offenses or released from jail, prison, or placed probation on or after this date is subject to community notification. A risk assessment is conducted of the offender’s likelihood to re-offend and a risk level is assigned to the offender.

  • LEVEL I (Low Risk)
  • LEVEL II (Intermediate Risk)
  • LEVEL III (High Risk)

Level I’s require in-home notification only where the offender resides. Level II’S and III’S require community notification. Per A.R.S. 13-3827, the Arizona Department of Public Safety is required to maintain an internet database of all Level II and Level III sex offenders.

HOMELESS sex offenders shall register as a transient not less than every ninety days with the Sheriff in whose jurisdiction the transient is physically present. If the person does not have an address or permanent place of residence, the person shall provide a description and physical location of any temporary address. A.R.S. 13-3821H and A.R.S. 13-3822A.

To inquire on registered sex offenders in the State of Arizona, please go to the Department of Public Safety’s Sex Offender Information website, the National Sex Offender Registry, or Megan’s Law, or  Community notification at

If you have information to report regarding a convicted sex offender who may reside in Navajo County, Please contact the Navajo County Sheriff’s Department Sex Offender Registration Unit at (928) 524-4156 or the Department of Public Safety.


Registration Contact Information

Registration is available on:

Monday thru Friday 8:00 am - 3:30 pm
(Open Registration)

Note: Closed holidays and daily 11:30 am - 12:30 pm


Jail Records - (928) 524-4156
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