Northeast Arizona Regional Science Fair

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2023 Northeast Arizona Regional Science Fair


Join us for a STEM Festival

at the Regional Science Fair!


Video highlights from our 2023 Science Fair



Come and explore hands-on activities for the entire family from 1:00-4:00 at the Science Fair


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Thank you to our sponsors for donating generously.

We have over $2000 in prize money thanks to these sponsors:

Einstein Level ($300 and up)

Northland Pioneer College



City of Show Low

show low


Town of Pinetop-Lakeside 

logo ptls


Navopache Electric Co-op

logo nec


DaVinci Level ($200)

St. Mary of the Angels Parish

logo st mary638133851420799018


White Mountain Gem and Mineral Club

logo wmgm




Committed to Science Education and Learning ($100)

White Mountain Nature Center

logo wmnc


Factor 2, The Art, Science, and Technology of Silicones and Prosthetics

logo factor2


Your Family Practice Team



2023 Winners (by school):


  • George Washington Academy: Lehi Donnelly, and Briella Lyman, 2nd place; Olivia Bateman, 3rd place.
  • Homeschool: Anka Manrique, 1st place; Thalia Manrique, 3rd place.
  • Hulet Elementary: Dallas Hayes, Tayla Larson, Darris Manygoats, Easton Carbonneau, Weston Hunsaker, Caden Armen, Cadence Taylor, Tasheena John, and Gabby Gallegos, 1st place; Mrs. Moyte’s Class, Shelby Reid, Lily Sandoval, Dorothy Janzen, Mollie Larson, Ali Warner, Jacoben Maestas, Cindy McDaniel, Kaylin Charley, Hunter Maxwell, Kiyann Lee, Elyssa Nabors, Hermione Uribe, Jasmine Knight, Sadie Smith, and Zoey Foster, 2nd place; Ms. Holley’s Class, Aaliyah Quintana, Weston Johnston, and Kashlie Bielefeldt, 3rd place.
  • Linden Elementary: Kayden Angle, Ezra Hall, Jackson Fillingim, Rigdon Hall, Isaac Varga, and Dylan Lewis, 1st place; Mrs. Miller’s Class, Chaysen Tatum, Victoria Ahumeda, Lucy Shumway, Levi Lisonbee, and Brogan Churley, 2nd place. 
  • Pinon Elementary: Melanie Bahe, and Aiden Carroll, 1st place; Reece Bia, Lexine Cruz, Leah Charley, Lashaun Willie, and Dominic Nez, 2nd place; 
  • Pinon High School: Emman Angelo Villa, Nevaeh Dempsey, Trachelle Joe, Dalinna Tachine, Ivan Chee, Milton Chee, Tiana Nez, Richard Judy, Sirvondo Belingachee, Rolandra James, Nizhoni Begay, Cauy Begay, McKenzie Charlie, Aleesha VanWinkle, Koby Benally, Paul Braget, Clintiyiah Tsosie, Alexia Joyce, Nykala Redmustache, Cale Lapahe, Silas Kaye III, Carina Benally, Cyenna Braget, Justina Smith, and Lane Nelwood, 1st place; Marcus Clan, Alena Kee, Galeeyia Holiday, Dante Belinte-Wood, Sebastian Johnson, Jarret Dalgai, and Alicia Mrogan, 2nd place; Andrea Denny, Phildeya Lee, Alexandra Attakai, Ashley Noble, Mileila Chieg, Megan Tsosie, Aleesha VanWinkle, and Avril Sage, 3rd place.
  • St. Anthony: David Rosero, 1st place; Nyeema Cromwell, 2nd place.
  • Tsehootsoo Middle School: Weslie Kiyaanii, 2nd place; Curtis Joe, 3rd place.


The students who earned perfect scores were: Cadence Taylor, Tasheena John, and Gabby Gallegos from Hulet Elementary; Nykayla Redmustache, Cale Lapahe, Clintiyiah Tsosie, Alexia Joyce, Rolandra James, and Nizhoni Begay from Pinon High School. 

Of the awards given out, teachers were given $50 gift cards as recognition for all the hard work organizing science fairs at their school/district level. The teacher awards went to: Mrs. Fletcher from Linden Elementary, sponsored by the City of Show Low; Mrs. Lyman from George Washington Academy, sponsored by the Town of Pinetop-Lakeside; Mrs. Moyte from Hulet Elementary, sponsored by Navopache Electric Cooperative; Mrs. Cruz from Pinon Elementary, sponsored by White Mountain Gem and Mineral Society; Mr. Tierra and Mr. Sebastian from Pinon High School, sponsored by St. Mary of the Angels.


Important Dates: 

Registration: Online registration will close on Wednesday, March 1st at 8:00am. We will accept walk-in registration on Friday, March 3rd (afternoon) and Saturday, March 4th (morning).

Project Drop Off: Friday, March 3rd from 3:45 to 5:00 pm and Saturday, March 4th from 8:30 to 10:00 am.

Judging: All projects will be judged Saturday, March 4th. Judging is closed to the public.

Awards Ceremony: Awards, prizes, and scholarships will be announced at our Awards Ceremony at 4:00 pm. The Awards Ceremony is open to the public.

AZ State Science Fair: Winners from our regional fair may go on to compete at the state level. Wednesday, March 15th is the last day to register for the state fair. Click here to register for the state fair. Click here to see the state fair rubrics:


Who Can Enter:

  • 1st and 2nd place winners in each category from your school/district Science Fair 
  • Individual and team projects in grades 3-12
  • Classroom science displays for grades K-2  
  • Homeschool students welcome



Click here to register

**You will be asked which category for your project. There are 5 categories to choose from:

  1. Engineering and Technology
  2. Chemistry
  3. Physics
  4. Life Science
  5. Earth and Space Science


Contact: for more information.


For more information and helpful links


Looking for inspiration for you and your K-8 students? 


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Video 1: How to get started

Video 2: How to use the rubric

Video 3: How to embed writing


Looking for hints/tips for your high school students?

Click here for our tip sheet.


For schools registering multiple students/teams:

Over the years, we have found that when schools register and check-in, a folder is the most efficient way to stay organized and to ensure all the paperwork is in order. Although you may use any folder, this type of folder and organization system has worked well in the past.


sf folder


photo release forms