Northeast Arizona Regional Science Fair

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2022 Northeast Arizona Regional Science Fair


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Congratulations to all the winners! 

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Blue Ridge Junior High: Adriel Pineda, 2nd place.

George Washington Academy: Olivia Bateman, 1st place; Janiya Johnson, 1st place; Tacoy Farnsworth, 1st place; Todd Ballard, 2nd place; Samuel Blair, 2nd place.

Hulet Elementary: Brandon Craig, 1st place; Bryce Dominguez, 1st place; Bentley Gardner, 1st place; Willow Guttery, 1st place; Dallas Hayes, 1st place; Anthony Moyte, 1st place; Olivia Norton, 1st place; Jordyn Padilla, 1st place; Mrs. Moyte’s Class, 1st place; Kasey Andrews, 2nd place; Brooks Reidhead, 2nd place; Jaken Begay, 3rd place; Mykenzie Dominguez, 3rd place; Bentley Gardner, 3rd place; London Gardner, 3rd place; Mollie Larson, 3rd place; Tori Nez, 3rd place; Jaiden Quezada, 3rd place; Henry Tyloer, 3rd place.

Linden Elementary: Piper Kenney, 1st place; Brayden Tanner, 1st place; Mrs. Miller’s Class, 1st place; Asa Moses, 2nd place.

Mountain Christian School: Maddie Ellis, 3rd place; Ameryl Gregg, 3rd place; Cohen Hudson, 3rd place; Abi Orton, 3rd place.

Pinon: Lexine Cruz, 2nd place.

St. Anthony Catholic School: Julia Greer, 1st place; Sophia Tovar, 1st place; Ms. Quin’s Class, 1st place; Addison Best, 2nd place.

Tsehootsooi Middle School: Landon Cayatinetc, 2nd place; Isabel Yellowhair, 2nd place; Alexander Ahasteen, 3rd place; Priseis Begay, 3rd place; Usiah Bia, 3rd place; Landyn Davis, 3rd place; Serenity Dedman, 3rd place; Alena Denny, 3rd place; Audrian Luarkie, 3rd place; Kioss Tsosse, 3rd place.



Looking for inspiration for you and your K-8 students? 

Video 1: How to get started

Video 2: How to use the rubric

Video 3: How to embed writing


Looking for hints/tips for your high school students?

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Important Dates: 

Registration: Online registration is open now. Online registration will close on Wednesday, March 2nd at 8:00am. We will accept walk-in registration on Friday, March 4th (afternoon) and Saturday, March 5th (morning).

Project Drop Off: Friday, March 4th from 3:45 to 5:00 pm and Saturday, March 5th from 8:30 to 10:00 am.

Judging: All projects will be judged Saturday, March 5th. Judging is closed to the public.

Awards Ceremony: Awards, prizes, and scholarships will be delivered to individual schools.

AZ State Science Fair: Winners from our regional fair may go on to compete at the state level. Monday, March 14th is the last day to register for the state fair. Click here to register for the state fair. 


Who Can Enter:

  • 1st and 2nd place winners in each category from your school/district Science Fair 
  • Individual and team projects in grades 3-12
  • Classroom science displays for grades K-2  
  • Homeschool students welcome



Click here to register

**You will be asked which category for your project. Please view this page (click here) to best determine your category.


Contact: for more information.


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Thank you to our sponsors for donating generously. We have over $2000 in prize money thanks to these sponsors:


For schools registering multiple students/teams:

Over the years, we have found that when schools register and check-in, a folder is the most efficient way to stay organized and to ensure all the paperwork is in order. Although you may use any folder, this type of folder and organization system has worked well in the past.


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