Lien Purchase Inquiry Notice

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The public has an opportunity to place a tax lien on the remaining parcels that are listed under tax lien auction list at RealAuction.  

Over-the-counter liens, following the auction, can be purchased with the Treasurer's Office directly.  To become an investor please fill out and mail the Investor Form and Investor W9 (original documents) from the Forms page to the Treasurer's Office.

Liens are placed on the parcels for non-payment of real property taxes. The liens available are those that were not purchased at the last February C.P. Sale.

The sale of these liens is a procedure set up by the State of Arizona to assist the County Treasurers in the collection of real property taxes. This allows counties, school districts and other taxing entities to receive funds for their day to day operations.

Some information you need to know:

  • The interest rate for these liens is set at 16% simple interest prorated monthly.
  • There is a non-refundable fee for each purchase in the amount of $10.
  • Your collateral for the lien is the property, if the property is poor so is your lien. We advise you to look at the property. Once you have purchased a lien on the property, it is yours. Invest wisely, we will not refund your money.
  • You are buying a lien, not the property. This lien does NOT give you any right to be on the property or even talk to the property owner.
  • Anyone proving "equitable interest" in the property can redeem the property before it is deeded.
  • When a property is redeemed we will notify you by mail and send you a check with the amount due including interest and the amount we are reporting to the I.R.S.
  • A lienholder can strengthen his position by paying “Subs”, (Subsequent Taxes). These are prior year taxes that have gone delinquent, but have not been delinquent long enough to warrant a new C.P., (Certificate of Purchase), to be issued. These "Subs", when paid, are attached to the latest C.P. owned. At that point that C.P. cannot be redeemed without redeeming the attached "Subs". "Subs" can be purchased between June 1st and January 31st and you must call our office to get the amounts.
  • A “Quiet Title” action can be taken through the courts on any C.P. three years after the date of the C.P. Sale. See a lawyer for more information on this procedure.
  • This is not an investment like at a bank. You cannot cash it in or close your account. When the property owner decides to redeem the lien you can get your money back. Otherwise you will have to wait for the time periods to expire, go through the deeding process and hope you can sell the property for more than your original investment.
  • Effective February 1, 2008, Navajo County has chosen to participate with the counties in Arizona in the manner of payment of investment interest. Due to Court Case #2CA-CV 2005-0069 (Ulan et al v. Pima County), we no longer pay interest to the investors for the first month of the purchase of the taxes placed on a certificate. Example: you will not earn interest for the month you purchased the tax lien in.

This inquiry is provided to give you information on purchasing a lien on delinquent taxes only.

Contact our office to confirm amounts before sending any money: (928) 524-4172.