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42-18151. Who may redeem real property tax liens; persons under disability; persons owning partial interest

A. A real property tax lien that is sold under article 3 of this chapter may be redeemed by: 

  1. The Owner.
  2. Any person that wants to pay on behalf of the owner by making a charitable gift.
  3. The owner's agent, assignee or attorney.
  4. Any person who has a legal or equitable claim in the property, including a certificate of purchase of a different date. 

B. A person who owns an interest in real property less than the whole may redeem a tax lien against that interest as a percentage of the entire liability reported by the county assessor by paying the proportionate part of the whole amount due.

42-18152. When lien may be fully redeemed; partial payment refund

A. A real property tax lien may be fully redeemed at any time:

  1. Within three years after the date of sale.
  2. After three years but before the delivery of a treasurer's deed to the purchaser or the purchaser's heirs or assigns.

B. A lien that has been partially redeemed under section 42-18056, subsection C must be fully redeemed before the delivery of a treasurer's deed to the purchaser.

C. The county treasurer shall refund all partial payment amounts impounded under section 42-18056, subsection E, to the person or persons or their heirs or assigns w thirty days after delivering the treasurer's deed to the purchaser. 

42-18154. Certificate of redemption; issuance; contents; fee

  1. If a person requests to redeem a real property tax lien that was sold under article 3 of this chapter, and if the county treasurer is satisfied that the person has the right to redeem the tax lien, and if the person pays the amount due, the county treasurer shall issue to the person a certificate of redemption.

If you are anyone other than the owner of the property Navajo County requires you to fill out an Affidavit of Redemption. 

Disclaimer: The Navajo County Treasurer's Office staff cannot give legal advice. We recommend that you contact an attorney for questions.