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The following is a series of newspaper articles, factsheets, and a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the potential consequences to Navajo County of state budget impacts in the event that voters reject Prop 100 on May 18.

  • DOC Prisoner Shift Impact to Navajo County
    County Attorney & Sheriff’s informational slideshow
  • Proposition 100 Fact Sheet
  • Jail crisis looms if sales tax fails - Arizona Republic
    In Navajo County, the jail intentionally has extra space: It houses federal inmates, providing a critical revenue stream to support the facility. If the federal inmates were booted out to make way for state ones, the county couldn't afford to run the jail.
  • Arizona could shift prison and court costs to counties if sales-tax vote fails - Arizona Republic
    The inmate shift will be financially devastating to Navajo County,' said KC Clark, the county sheriff. The move will cost the county $7 million, ...
  • Shift Of State Prisoners To County Would Cause Woe -
    “It would make it so that Navajo County can’t function and provide any of the constitutionally mandated services because we won’t have the money,” County Attorney Brad Carlyon told the Board of Supervisors during a meeting on Tuesday regarding a planned shift of state prisoners to county facilities. The plan calls for inmates currently housed in the Arizona Department of Corrections (DOC) to be shifted to the county jail when they have a year or less remaining on their sentence. It would be enacted if the state sales tax increase measure is not approved by voters.
  • Prisoner shift could have dire consequences for county - The state's proposed prisoner shift could have catastrophic consequences for Navajo County, costing the county between $7 and $8 million in fiscal year 2010-2011 alone. 'This prisoner shift cannot happen,' County Manager Jimmy Jayne said. 'It will affect public safety and public services. If that happens and Proposition 100 doesn't pass, it will be fairly catastrophic for us.'
  • County Budget Is Nearly Balanced - Government Relations Administrator Rod Ross explained following the meeting, “There is no way we can plan for a $7.4 million general fund budget hit. That’s nearly one-quarter of our budget.” Jayne told the board that at this point, staff wanted to present an overview of what the budget could possibly look like and more details will be forthcoming for approval.