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Navajo County Faces Potentially Catastrophic Revenue Challenges

  • 7 March 2017
  • Author: Brit Ferguson
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Holbrook, AZ – With continued decreases to revenue, Navajo County is launching a public outreach plan to help local communities and members of the public better understand the potentially catastrophic budgetary challenges ahead. As we continue our discussions with federal, tribal, state and local officials, it’s crucial to educate the public on what the issues are and how they impact our delivery of services to citizens.

As much of the state continues to recover economically, Navajo County simply isn’t. Our citizens need to understand what we are proposing to deal with this new financial reality, and that the delivery of services will look different in the future.

Navajo County continues to work to find innovative solutions to provide state mandated services to our residents. However, it is unrealistic to continue providing these services in the same manner.

The County is looking at how these services are delivered and exploring creative solutions to streamline the process and do government differently. We are evaluating all internal services and structures, as well as all non-mandated services, to see where we can improve efficiency and save money.

We understand these are serious and complicated issues and we want to make sure we are clearly explaining the challenges ahead.




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