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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - FY2023 Tentative Budget

Navajo County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the FY2023 Tentative Budget

  • 15 June 2022
  • Author: Clifton Foster
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June 14, 2023

Navajo County Supervisors approve FY2023 Tentative Budget

Holbrook, AZ – The Navajo County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the FY2023 Tentative Budget during the regular Board meeting on June 14.  This year’s budget focuses on the County’s ability to improve access to services and respond to increases in demand without an increase to the primary property tax rate.  

“The County’s budget demonstrates ongoing commitment to public service and maintaining responsible financial reserves,” shared Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Dawnafe Whitesinger. “We are in a position to support our team as they deliver high quality services and appropriately respond to rising demand in the development community.”   

The FY2023 General Fund Budget is $61,743,330, which is higher than the FY2022 General Fund Budget of $54,861,662.  Actual day-to-day operational expenditures will remain similar to the prior year and the increase is due primarily to: establishing a special contingency fund to prepare for potential future increases to pension liability; increasing expenses such as indigent healthcare and employee costs; and to carryforward funds for purchases such as vehicles and software from last year’s budget because these items were not available for purchase in 2022.  Careful financial management has also allowed the County to maintain financial reserves of nearly $9 million, or approximately 25% of operating expenditures, as recommended by bond rating agencies.  

The FY2023 Tentative Budget includes adjustments to respond to wage compression caused by increases to the minimum wage and to address overall employee wages which are below market.  Starting and mid-level positions are budgeted at an increase of approximately $2/hr and managers/supervisors are budgeted at 2.5% cost of living increase.  The Budget also includes specific adjustments to respond to the current labor market demand for positions which have proven the most difficult to attract and retain talent including law enforcement, legal, skilled labor, IT, and accounting.  
Although most staffing remains essentially flat, the Budget does include funding to respond to increased demand for services from the development community and homeowners by adding new resources and establishes a new Planning & Development Services division in Public Works.   


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