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Navajo County Board of Supervisors Approves FY 23-24 Tentative Budget

June 13, 2023

Navajo County Board of Supervisors Approves FY 23-24 Tentative Budget 

Holbrook, AZ – The Navajo County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the Fiscal Year 2023-2024 Tentative Budget today which establishes the County’s operational plan for the coming fiscal year beginning July 1.  The Tentative Budget is balanced, maintains prudent financial reserves, and provides for efficient delivery of County services.  The budget is also proposed to increase by nearly $40M compared to the current year due to significant grant awards from federal and state sources which the County will use to invest in regional projects.

“The County proposes to make historical investments of nearly $127M in infrastructure projects across the County,” explained Navajo County Finance Director Jayson Vowell. “The vast majority of the funding for these projects—92% of the total—comes from grants and other funding sources.” Navajo County has successfully pursued grant funding this year and can leverage outside funds for a variety of projects including $86M for the Winslow Levy, nearly $20M for Broadband, and $2.5M for regional Public Safety Communications.  Outside funding will also help develop, expand, or repair several County facilities to meet the needs of growing communities and improve access for residents.

“This year we took a dynamic approach to funding county-wide projects and we were able to secure a record amount of federal and state grants and appropriations,” stated Vice Chair Jason Whiting. “As a result, the budget establishes a financially responsible plan for the County while keeping the property tax rate flat, meaning the rate will not change.  This has truly been a collaborative, year-round effort in partnership with our elected officials and staff.”  

Navajo County has the 4th lowest property tax rate of Arizona counties.  Although the County collects all property taxes, only about 11 cents of each property tax dollar stays to pay for County services such as law enforcement and prosecution.  Most property tax goes to support schools, Fire/EMS, community college, and other special taxing districts. Although there will be no change to the County property tax rate, the County will still collect approximately $264K in additional revenue due to increasing home values. For a typical home valued at $500K and assessed at $250K, a flat property tax rate means a homeowner could expect to see an increase of $12 a year, or about $1 a month.  

For any increase in property tax collections, State law requires a public “Truth in Taxation” hearing which will be held in the Navajo County Board of Supervisors Chambers on June 27, 2023 as advertised in the White Mountain Independent.


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