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Business Response Team Supports Businesses During COVID-19

Navajo County’s Business Response Team supports businesses during COVID-19

  • 28 April 2020
  • Author: Clifton Foster
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April 28, 2020

Navajo County’s Business Response Team supports businesses during COVID-19


Holbrook, AZ – Navajo County’s Board of Supervisors formed a COVID-19 Business Response Team to support and assist our local businesses during this COVID shutdown. The team presented the details and successes of this effort for the past month at the April 28, 2020 Regular Session Board Meeting.

The Business Response Team provides business owners with clear information on federal and state programs to help them understand the different application processes. “These federal programs can be complicated,” explained County Manager Glenn Kephart. “We’re making sure businesses have up-to-date information that is easy to understand, alerts as changes come up, and we’re letting them know that they have someone on their side to help.”

Information is distributed primarily through the local Chambers of Commerce as well as our local Governments and reaches thousands of individual businesses and groups through email and social media. The Business Response Team also has a referral network to personally connect business owners with experts who can help them with specific questions on applications.  

Over 90 grant applications for $18.5M have been submitted from the region. While these applications are pending in the approval process, over $1M has already been received in immediate advance economic relief funds. These are direct dollars coming into our communities to keep employees on the payroll and keep business doors open.             

"Small businesses are the literal backbone of our communities, and through no fault of their own they are facing incredible challenges,” said Chairman Jason Whiting. “They are asking how they can possibly take care of their employees and how their business can get through this. We need businesses to win and we owe it to our communities to step in and provide them this support.”  

Business are encouraged to contact the Business Response Team at for information and assistance.

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