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Navajo County Regional COVID-19 Update

  • 20 July 2020
  • Author: Clifton Foster
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July 17, 2020

Navajo County Regional COVID-19 Update 

Holbrook, AZ – As of July 17, there have been 4,669 COVID-19 cases in Navajo County.  Alongside IHS providers, Little Colorado Medical Center and Summit Healthcare have provided care to residents in need.  Below is an update from these hospital systems regarding their current capacity and capabilities, as well as an update from the Navajo County Public Health District.

Little Colorado Medical Center COVID-19 Care Update

LCMC recently implemented its third model of hospital redesigns-reconfigurations to ensure the safe and separate treatment of contagious, COVID patients from other patients receiving care at LCMC.  COVID care is provided in a setting safely distinct from other patients.

LCMC has administered over 1,200 COVID tests over the past several months, with over 200 COVID positive patients diagnosed in Winslow.  Aside from the sad number of deaths across Reservation communities, the Winslow community has experienced 7 COVID related deaths.   Testing has been available at the LCMC Emergency Department, Clinic and hospital.

At present there are 13 in patients receiving care at LCMC, 5 of whom are COVID positive.

With the modified care models, LCMC continues to provide safe and high-quality care in its Lab, Imaging and Emergency Department, as well as its Clinic.

Summit Healthcare COVID-19 Care Update

Summit Healthcare has experienced a surge of inpatient hospitalizations for both COVID and non-COVID care needs.  Summit’s inpatient bed availability on Medical/Surgical and ICU units is 91 including currently open surge beds.  As of July 17, 2020 the total number of inpatients at Summit Healthcare is 60 with 32 of them being COVID-19 positive or suspected patients. 

Summit Healthcare’s staff has been working tirelessly to provide care for our patients.  With the rising number of hospitalizations, Summit Healthcare has expanded bed capacity and staffing by initiating the following surge plan to continue to meet the healthcare needs of our communities.

  • Summit Healthcare normally has 12 ICU beds and have opened an additional 11 ICU beds, for a total of 23 ICU beds.  
  • Summit Healthcare normally has 52 Medical/Surgical beds for non-critical patients requiring hospitalization and have currently opened an additional 16 Medical/Surgical beds for a total of 68 beds and have the capability to add 10 more as needed. 
  • Summit Healthcare Emergency Department has 30 beds/disposition chairs and have increased capacity by adding 8 more beds and 2 more disposition chairs for a total of 40. 
  • Summit Healthcare received short-term assistance from the National Disaster Medical Team and VA Emergency Assist Team to provide additional nursing in the Medical/Surgical, ICU and Emergency Departments. 
  • Summit Healthcare will be receiving, within the next 14 days, additional nurses through the Arizona Department of Health Services Surge Staffing Initiative.  These nurses will care for patients and assist Summit Healthcare staff for 6 weeks in our Medical/Surgical and ICU units.  

Navajo County Public Health District COVID-19 Care Update

The risk of exposure to COVID remains extremely high, and it is widespread throughout Arizona and Navajo County. Case counts in the County continue to trend in the wrong direction and unfortunately behaviors appear to be pushing the spread.
We currently don’t have a way to prevent it or stop the virus completely, so lowering the risk of exposure and slowing the spread is the goal.  If we use the tools we have, it will lower your risk of exposure and slow the spread in our communities:

  • We are safer at Home
  • Physically distancing 
  • Wearing a face covering when in public
  • Staying home if you are sick
  • Washing your hands frequently
  • Disinfecting frequently touched surfaces
  • Coughing or sneezing into a tissue or bent elbow

Let’s all do our part and help slow the spread!


For more information: 
Contact Bryan Layton
Assistant County Manager
Office: (928) 524-4152