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Navajo County Regional COVID-19 Update

  • 22 December 2020
  • Author: Clifton Foster
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December 18, 2020

Navajo County Regional COVID-19 Update

Holbrook, AZ – As of December 18, there have been 10,116 COVID-19 cases in Navajo County.  Alongside IHS providers, Little Colorado Medical Center and Summit Healthcare have provided care to residents in need.  Below is an update from these hospital systems regarding their current capacity and capabilities, as well as an update from the Navajo County Public Health District.

Little Colorado Medical Center COVID-19 Care Update

As LCMC has done over the past nine months, this message intends to convey both the continuing seriousness of COVID 19, and to also provide reassurance that LCMC remains stable and continues to provide quality healthcare every day.
LCMC is resuming our bi-weekly updates and offer the following information regarding the care delivered by LCMC and the impact of COVID in our communities.
Over the past week, LCMC has:
•    Seen, on average, 12 COVID-positive cases in our Emergency Department each day;
•    Provided, on average, inpatient care each day to 9 COVID-positive patients in our medical-surgical unit;
•    Transferred, on average, 3 COVID-positive patients to other Arizona hospitals.  One day included extraordinary transfer volume as LCMC supported a local organization with its case load;
•    Continued daily COVID testing to our community, averaging 41 tests per day, with approximately 15% positive results;
•    Continued daily its customary level of Primary Care, OB, necessary-Surgical Care and Trauma-Emergency Medical care.
LCMC participates twice a week in Community Pandemic Care conference calls with all Winslow and regional healthcare organizations, first responders and community groups.
It is very important that each of us continue to remain vigilant and conscientious in adhering to COVID19 safety precautions such as: Wearing A Mask; Social Distancing; and Handwashing.    Also, as we approach Christmas week, please be careful in family get-togethers. It would be best to keep family events as small and as spacious as possibly, preferably outside in a warm part of the day.
In the days ahead, we’ll be providing information on the COVID vaccine, which we anticipate arriving at LCMC during Christmas week. More detail on that to come.
On behalf of all at LCMC, thank you for the opportunity to care for your families and our community.

Summit Healthcare COVID-19 Care Update

Summit Healthcare provides bi-weekly updates through its podcast and text messages to inform the community of COVID-19 positive and negative results and the importance of wearing a mask, social distancing and washing your hands.  
Summit Healthcare has implemented its surge plan to meet the healthcare needs of the communities.  The influx of inpatients has grown at Summit Healthcare, as it has throughout the state of Arizona, which take a toll on staff as some of these patients are critically ill and require a lot of care. Summit Healthcare wants to assure the community that Summit Healthcare has capacity to take care of the healthcare needs of the community. 
We are in this together!  We can’t stress enough to the community to wear a mask, wash your hands, social distance and if you’re sick stay home.  

Navajo County Public Health District COVID-19 Care Update

As of today, Public Health Nurses are monitoring 1,146 active COVID cases off-tribal lands.  To put that into perspective, nurses were monitoring 478 active cases just 30 days ago and only 280 active cases the month before that in October.  
While many people can manage the symptoms of the virus, there is a smaller percentage of our family members, friends, and neighbors who have complications and need the help of a hospital.  So as the number of cases increases, so does the number of people who need a hospital—even if the overall percentage is low. 
Please join us to do what you can to help others around you a little safer.  We can decrease the spread of the virus by choosing to wear a simple face covering, washing your hands frequently, and avoiding large gatherings of people.


For more information: 
Contact Bryan Layton
Assistant County Manager
Office: (928) 524-4152